Thursday, June 30, 2011

God of War


Hokay so...

I've been putting off writing about my gaming adventures for a while, because I'm not really sure WHAT to write. But, I'm gonna give it a shot, and try not to sound less awesome than I am.

I FINALLY sat down and played the first game in the God of War series. A bunch of different people have been telling me that I should play these games for a very long time, and I just brushed them off like it was no big deal, and that I wasn't missing anything by NOT playing them. I was SUPER wrong.

Maybe I just didn't realize that this is a pretty typical platformer, with a bit of quick time stuff thrown in, or I just didn't want to believe what other people were telling me: OHMAHGAWD THIS GAME IS FANTASTIC.

I really enjoyed everything about this game. I mean, the story was fantastic, the puzzle element to it was challenging at times and made me want to rage-quit (but I kept going), and since i played the game in the "God of War Collection," even the visuals were updated, and made me happy.

There weren't many things I didn't like about the game. Like I said, there were a few times where the puzzle solving made me want to Hulk-smash my PS3, and I can recall a few fights (not even Boss-fights) that I got really frustrated with... (stupid dog things... *grumble grumble*) But overall, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Mind you, it DID take me a really long time to get around to beating the game *coughsixmonthscough*, but hey, I have a buttload of other games that I've been working on at the same time.

OH! I did also find probably the GREATEST bug in a game. EVER.
So I was in this big room, minding my own business (you know, hunting for relics and the like) and I got attacked by a shit-ton of harpies. So I'm like "alright, let's do this," and proceed with slicing and dicing them. I'm doing this for a while, and suddenly I notice that one of them gets stuck in the wall, and is spewing out the red orbs that level up all your spells and moves. I walk over to it, and let the orbs flow into me, while every now and then waving my blades a little bit to the side as another harpy foolishly darts towards me. This went on for a good 5 minutes before the harpy got un-stuck and I killed it. I was pleased.

For lack of being able to remember stuff, I'm gonna be done with this now. All in all though, fantastic game, and I'm pretty pumped to start playing the other ones... someday.


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