Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Shell Shock Live

STATUS : [ N/A ]
RATING : [3/5]

The premise is simple: You're a tank. They're a tank. Shoot at them.

Nothing cures boredom like pumelling a bunch of tiny graphic represenations of the most childish and disturbing people on the planet with a pleaothra of exploding weaponry. Play this generic angle/velocity shooter by KChamp in a 1 vs 1 in a not-so-quickdraw to the death, or start a small scale war and join a 3 vs 3 match.  Sit back and explode enemy tanks while you chat with the internet's finest; Anywhere from a pretty cool chick from Germany who likes to quote sci fi novels, to the less rare 13 year old screaming obsceneties and telling you how bad you are at the game with capital letters. Or, maybe you get the cat sleeping on the keyboard whose tank times out and says nothing  nothing but "FFFFFFF".  (Fortunately, when tanks time out they get booted and replaced by AI, which was a very good plan) In any case, its generally a hilarious or interesting experience.

The gameplay is pretty simple. When its your turn, pick a weapon, choose an angle, choose the power behind the shot, and shoot. The weapons are anything from a stream of small missles to a large exploding ball that bounces a few times before it explodes. Learning to use these efficiently is fun, as well as rewarding when you finally see the explosion of damage numbers stream away from your enemies. 

The game can be found at  Kongregate, or The Official Website. I'm a big fan of Kongregate, but I did just notice that the official website has a map creator which, even though the maps are just a single line through the screen defining sky from land, is a nice thing to have.

[TLDR] The game isnt profoundly unique from any other game of its kind, but it is a fun way to spend some bored hours.