Monday, June 13, 2011

Dead Space 2

RATING : [4/5]

After several incredibly frustrating hours, I finally completed it! It was creepy and scary right up until the end. I was very impressed. =)

At any part in the game, you experience one of three types of gameplay:

1. Dark and Spooky
Time you spend wandering around in the dark, flicking your flashlight at anything that moves or makes the slightest noise, terrified that something might come out and eat you. Due to the quirky human psychology of fearing the unknown much more what we know is likely to come and eat us, you spend all of this time wishing desperately that the vomiting, flesh eating monster would just come out and get it over and done with so that the lights would come back on. They did a wonderful job making your skin crawl and your palms sweat, and I applaud them for it.

2. Loud and Violent
It never rains, it pours gallons of acid, bile and blood. All over you. Sometimes you'll only get a couple monsters after your tasty fleshmeats, but a more often than not its a raining shitshtorm of beasties. During these bloodbaths you're no longer scared, you're jacked up on adrenaline and mad as hell that the walls seem to be a veritable clowncar for these fuckers. But with more doors. I spent so much of my time wandering around mostly dead with about 4 bullets that I began suspecting the gameplay designers of an extra special brand of sadism. However, now that everything is said and done, the fact that I was so often so close to death and yet I never got STUCK, was a testament to their skill. Or, possibly mine. ;) But probably theirs.

This section also makes me feel the need to shout out how much of a wonderful idea it was to make dead things throw shiny prizes at you every time you shot, stomped, punched, or violently threw them at a wall post-mortem. I cant imagine anything more satisfying than stomping my way through a pile of corpses that just nearly killed me, glimmering presents spilling out every whichway.

3. Engineering Puzzles
They weren't difficult, and I don't know if I can look back on any of them and think 'that part was so much fun!', but they were definitely nice relaxing sections that made the game much easier to play through. They were clever and well thought out, and they didn't break immersion whatsoever. In fact, they added a bit of depth to the game. Its strange to think that a part of the game that I wouldn't deem as a really fun part as being so crucial. I wouldn't want to play the game without them.

[TLDR] Fantastic art, delightfully scary story, well designed gameplay, no real complaints. All in all, I give Dead Space 2 mad props. yo.


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